The Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department is one of 9 totally volunteer fire departments


What is the Grasonville Volunteer Fire Department (GVFD) about?

The GVFD is a Fire and Rescue station comprised 100% of volunteers that predominantly respond to fires, vehicle/equipment accidents, hazardous conditions, and medical incidents. The station is equipped with fire/rescue trucks and two ambulance's. Paramedic units are stationed in nearby areas of Queen Anne County and staffed by paid county employees.


Would the GVFD want ME?

The GVFD is always looking for volunteers to join its active membership. The GVFD is comprised of active members from teenagers to seniors. While a predominant number of active members are young, members of all ages are welcome. The department does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, age, or sex and opportunities within the organization are equally available to everyone meeting established criteria.


What are the Membership Types?

  • Active (Firefighter) – Firefighting training requirements must be met
  • Active (EMS) - EMS Training requirements must be met
  • Administrative – No training requirements (non-emergency)
  • Support – No training requirements (non-emergency)
  • Auxiliary – No training requirements (non-emergency)
  • Junior - Ages 14 and 15


What would I be expected to do as a firefighter?

Once all the minimum training requirements and competencies are met, a firefighter will be expected to perform the complete range of duties expected at a variety of incidents. Active members respond to calls for assistance while saving lives and property. Firefighting & rescue work involves exposure to physical exertion, extreme heat, hazardous atmospheres and conditions, heights, potential risk of injury in performing duties or handling equipment. In addition visual/mental exposure to a variety of potentially dramatic and disturbing scenes in performing duties at fire, rescue, and medical incidents which could involve exposure to blood, dismemberment, and death. Anyone considering becoming a firefighter should evaluate their own physical and mental limitations and give serious consideration to the personal risk involved and, if necessary, discuss any concerns with a member of the membership committee prior to submitting a membership application.


What are the Physical/Medical Conditions that I must meet?

Firefighting (including rescue work) can be spontaneously physically demanding covering short or prolonged periods. Those participating at fire/rescue scenes, training exercises, drills, and performing other non-emergency duties, should be physically fit to the degree that they are able to perform the tasks necessary to accomplish the demands without creating a considerable life safety burden to fellow members or the public to which we serve.


What are the Membership Requirements?

Prospective Membership:

  • Complete and Submit a GVFD Application
  • Meet with and discuss the application with the membership committee
  • Successfully pass a Criminal Background Check (Felonies and select misdemeanors may be ground for application rejection)
  • Be voted in as a probationary member by the GVFD members at a general membership meeting.
  • Serve a probationary membership period of a minimum 6 months
  • Be enrolled in a Firefighter I or EMT-B training course prior to the end of the probationary period.
  • Be voted in as an active member by the GVFD members at a general membership meeting.

Maintaining Active Membership:

Minimum Training Requirements:

GVFD currently require all fire department members who ride fire apparatus and operate at emergency scenes meet the following minimum training requirements.

  • Step 1 – Complete an Apparatus Orientation prior to being able to ride on any fire or EMS apparatus.
  • Step 2 – Enroll in a free Firefighter I or EMT-B training course (Firefighter I is required prior to being able to perform interior firefighting or select other emergency duties)

Additional free advanced fire, rescue, and EMS training is available and members are encouraged to pursue advanced classes.

What are the Membership Benefits?

General benefits:

  • Personal enrichment through helping others
  • Obtaining skills that boosts self esteem
  • Learn teamwork and its rewards
  • Enhance ones physical and mental well being
  • Make lifelong friendships
  • Become part of an extended family

Potential Benefits from Enhanced Training:

  • Free Maryland State and National Professional Certifications (which can help with career opportunities and meeting college degree requirements)
  • Free select training offered by the Maryland Fire & Rescue Institute (MFRI) awards college credit towards a college degree.
  • Greater Career (Paid) Opportunities (with some career training/certification requirements already being met)


How Do I Join?

Anyone considering being a member should read this page in its entirety or stop by the station at 4128 Main Street Grasonville, MD 21638 to speak to an officer or membership committee member to discuss potential membership. Obtain an application or download GVFD Application from this site, complete it and bring it with you, and get the membership process started.